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The Fly Shop's Signature fly rods are game changers in high performance equipment!

These handsome rods employ a higher modulus graphite and a moderately faster action than our Fresh H2O rods. The Signature Series is designed to allow the ace or slightly less-than-expert angler to deliver flies accurately, at any distance, without a lot of effort.

These high performance rods employ what was once called "reserve power", the resilience to be able to really apply extra pressure to the casting arc and drive the line a little farther, fight a stiff wind, or handle a heavier fly when necessary. They're exactly the right rod for experienced anglers and fishermen who have dialed in their casting stroke.

Signature rods features a non-glare finish, and 5 and 6 weight rods sport buckeye, hardwood reel inserts.

Features Include:

  • Dynamic, powerful, progressive action
  • Superb components, tailored to each model
  • Beautifully finished Buckeye reel seats
  • An extra tip comes with every rod
  • Complete with The Fly Shop's rod/reel case
  • Signature H2O rods are warranteed by The Fly Shop®. We'll replace or repair any Fresh H2O rod for the original purchaser, charging no more than $40 plus shipping. It's a great deal without an expensive, hidden premium for a lifetime guarantee.
Code Model Line Length Pieces Grip Reel Price
#7659 SG905/4 5 9'0" 4 Half Wells L2a 4/5 $365.00
#7660 SG906/4 6 9'0" 4 Half Wells L2a 5/6 $385.00
#7661 SG907/4 * 7 9'0" 4 Half Wells L2a 7/8 $395.00
#7662 SG908/4 * 8 9'0" 4 Half Wells L2a 7/8 $405.00
* Fighting butt models and up-locking anodized reel seats

6 Reviews

Arnold Markowitz Feb 21st 2021

Signature H2O 5 wt. rod/reel/line pkg

I'm delighted. The rod came to life in my hands with the first cast. It has splendid feel and accuracy. I can change direction in midcast with immediate response. Today-- the second time I fished it-- I was running an outboard motor at idle speed in a strong crosswind. With left hand always on the tiller, I was unable to haul and strip normally, so I was casting one-handed. Almost every cast went where I aimed it, other than a small percentage that were knocked down by 20+ mph gusts. The line is perfectly matched; I feel the load and don't need to watch the backcast. So why 4 stars instead of 5? I haven't hooked Mr. Big yet, so fighting quality is uncertain and the reel drag untested. I'm betting that next week I'll give it a 5.

Keith D. Simon Oct 25th 2020

6w Signature H20

Superb rod, fantastic bang for the buck. Outcasts my more expensive rods.

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