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  • Regal Hook Jaw Vise

    Regal Hook Jaw Vise

    The brand-new jaw is for the perfectionist tyer that loves those small, intricate patterns. The cut-out, hook-style design allows for greater access to tie down at the bend of the shank without needing to reposition your hook. Of course, you can position...

    $280.00 - $385.00
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  • Abel Tying Base (Satin Deep Blue)

    Abel Tying Base

    The Abel Vise Base is the pinnacle of vise customization. Billet aluminum is machined to the perfect balance where form meets function. Three different mounting options allow you to pick where the vise is located and allows for future expansion for...

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  • Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise

    Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise

    The Montana Mongoose true rotary vise from Griffin has one of the best value to feature ratios in fly tying vises today.  Featuring an anodized aluminum body and tempered steel jaws, this vise will securely hold hooks ranging in size from #28 to...

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  • The Stonfo Transformer Vise The Stonfo Transformer Vise - Dry Fly/Nymph Jaws

    The Stonfo Transformer Vise

    There isn't very much this new vise doesn’t have to help to improve the quality of your flies and make the fly tying experience faster and more pleasurable!  The Stonfo Transformer Vise comes loaded with features (3 sets of jaws for every...

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  • The Peak Rotary Vise The Peak Rotary Vise - shown with Brass Riser and Tool Post Caddy

    The Peak Rotary Vise

    Incredibly efficient and easy to set up, Peak vises are built from brass, aircraft aluminum, stainless and tooled steel for a lifetime of pleasure.  This model is just right for hooks from 2 to 28, and features a very stable, powder-coated base with...

    $7.95 - $209.95
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  • TFS Pro AA Vise

    TFS Pro AA Vise

    One of the most popular vises made for beginning fly tiers. The jaws are tapered and adjustable for use on different hook sizes and rotates to allow tying at different angles. At this price you can't beat this vise. C-Clamp   CA...

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  • TFS Crown Vise

    TFS Crown Vise

    This is the perfect vise for beginners or someone that wants the same qualities as the Regal vises, but not the price. The squeeze open design makes opening and closing the jaws very simple and easy. Will accommodate a wide range of hooks from roughly...

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  • Regal Vise

    Regal Vise

    A very versatile vise accommodating sizes 5/0 to 24 hooks and featuring Regal’s “squeeze and open” design.  Great for egg patterns, and one of the most popular commercial vises built. Adjusts 220 degrees up and down 360°...

    $200.00 - $275.00
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  • Regal Royal Clamp

    Regal Royal Clamp

    The Royal C-clamp from Regal was designed with dual stabilizing bars for greater stability when attached to tables, work benches and other flat surfaces. The overall length of the bar is 5", or 2.5" on either side of the center of your stem. The table...

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  • Griffin Pedestal Vise Base

    Griffin Pedestal Vise Base

    The Griffin Pedestal adds stability and versatility to your c-clamp vise! The collar fits most 3/8" stems, and the padded base sits solidly on a table or desk without damaging any flat surface. Non-reflective finish Heavyweight for...

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  • Dyna-King Kingfisher Vise

    Dyna-King Kingfisher Vise

    The Kingfisher is the most affordable, premium vise that we've ever seen! Beautifully machined, the unique, notch-lock cam insures that you are applying the same pressure to each hook of the same size. Fracturing hooks becomes a thing of the past. At...

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  • Dyna-King Indexer Vise

    Dyna-King Indexer Vise

    The Barracuda has the rotary features preferred by most expert tiers for precise, symmetrical, quick application of dubbing and ribbing. All this helps speed building of bodies, reduces production time, and improves the quality of flies. The indexer has...

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  • Vise Fly Rack

    Vise Fly Rack

    This handy closed cell foam drying platform fits snugly on any vise stem and keeps all the nearly completed flies out of the way while they finish drying.  Just add the flies to one of the 16 slots and keep on tying. 2 per package   CA...

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