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The Fly Shop's Signature 2-Handed H2O (S2H2O) fly rods are unbelievable at this price, or any price, and are sure to make waves in the "Spey World"!

These beautiful 2-handed rods employ a high modulus graphite and are relatively fast action, but maintain an amazingly smooth flex that is easy to feel load. The Signature Series 2-Handers are designed to allow the experienced spey caster (or slightly less-than-expert angler) to deliver flies accurately, at any distance, without a lot of effort.

These high-performance rods have energy to spare. You can delicately cast loops off of the tip or use more of the rod to really create some energy to drive the line across the river. They fight stiff winds with ease and handle heavier flies and tips when needed. The line speeds these rods are capable of, with very little effort on the part of the caster, are hard to imagine and make for tight, fast-traveling, efficient loops. These rods are a fantastic choice for the beginner to learn on, but experienced casters – who have dialed in their casting stroke – will also fall in love with these models.

The S2H2O rods feature a non-glare finish, and top-quality multicolored cork grips. Beautiful rods for beautiful casts!

Features Include:

  • Dynamic, powerful, progressive action
  • Superb components, tailored to each model
  • Beautiful, hand selected, multicolored cork
  • An extra tip comes with every rod
  • The Fly Shop's spey rod tube
  • Signature Spey rods are warranteed by The Fly Shop®. We'll replace or repair any Fresh H2O rod for the original purchaser, charging no more than $35 plus $8.95 shipping. It's a great deal without an expensive, hidden premium for a lifetime guarantee.

"The rod blew me away right from the start!  It out-fished and out-cast my $800 seven-weight and threw T-14 (tied to a big nasty Intruder) easily.  I found the rod to be crisp, powerful, comfortable to cast and was fun to fish.  I'm proud it's got our name on it."
Pat Pendergast, The Fly Shop, Inc., Director of International Travel

"I took the new TFS Signature S2H2O to BC this fall to fish the Sustut at Suskeena Lodge.  I had other rods as well in case the new TFS model couldn't cut it, but it was all I wanted and more.  I never picked up another rod all week.  I didn't want to.  It put the wood to some of the biggest and toughest steelhead imaginable.  I'd put these new TFS 2-handed rods up against anything else, and the price is hard to beat."
Justin Miller, The Fly Shop, Inc., International Travel Destination Specialist

"It feels like a solid 6 weight with the power of an 8 weight.  The flex from the mid-section to the tip is smooth and balanced and allows you to throw a lot of line and with tight loops that finish beautifully.  This is a rod that wanted more with each cast..."
Pat Hoglund, Steelheader's Journal, 2017 Gear Review - Spey Rods

Model Line Length Pieces Grip Price
6126-4 6 12'6" 4 Spey $425.00
7130-4 7 13'0" 4 Spey $425.00
8136-4 8 13'6" 4 Spey $425.00

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