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The best rod for the buck in fly fishing!

Our Fresh H2O Series fly rods are exactly the right choice for most anglers. They're a step away from the ultra-fast action of many contemporary rods and a shift toward a smooth, forgiving action that best suits most of the anglers that step into the boats with our guides or walk into our shop on their way to one of our California rivers, streams, or lakes.

Features Include:

  • Forgiving actions combined with responsive high modulus graphite. It's a marriage of design and materials that compensates for errors and a less than expert casting stroke.
  • Multiple graphite combinations, giving each Fresh H2O rod a slightly different action. Our smooth trout rods don't behave like steelhead rods, and our steelhead rods have the action and power to pack the mail and deliver flies as far as necessary.
  • Every Fresh H2O rod includes an extra tip to insure an accident doesn't spoil a trip, and all the models are now packed into a convenient, sturdy, zippered, segmented, cordura rod/reel case.
  • All Fresh H2O rods have a beautiful, protective Montana green finish, hardwood reel seats, and fighting butts on the seven and eight weights.
  • The Fresh H2O lightweights have enough muscle to cover big spring creeks like Hat Creek or Fall River and still turn over long leaders and dry flies. Our 4 and 5 weight rods naturally open up the loop to turn over long leaders and help present dry flies accurately and delicately.
  • The Fly Shop's® Trinity and Mad River models are virtual wrist rockets that have enough strength to reach out and knock the spots off any trophy trout, bass, or steelhead.
  • Fresh H2O rods are warranteed by The Fly Shop®. We'll replace or repair any Fresh H2O rod for the original purchaser, charging no more than $35 plus $8.95 shipping. It's a great deal without an expensive, hidden premium for a lifetime guarantee.
Code Model Line Length Pieces Bonus Grip Price
#6618 Hat Creek - 904/4 4 9'0" 4 Extra Tip Half Wells $169.00
#6619 Fall River - 905/4 5 9'0" 4 Extra Tip Half Wells $169.00
#6620 Sacramento - 906/4 6 9'0" 4 Extra Tip Half Wells $169.00
#6621 Trinity - 907/4 7 9'0" 4 Extra Tip Full Wells $169.00
#6622 Mad River - 908/4 8 9'0" 4 Extra Tip Full Wells $169.00

2 Reviews

Steve Wanzer May 3rd 2019

H2O fly rod

The rod performs as advertised! The reel seat is small and I really have to tighten things down. I use Fluegher Medallist reels

Craig DeRosa May 10th 2018

Fall River fly rod

What a wonderful rod for the money. It cast just as nice as a $800 fly rod. What a bargain at $169. I will buy more. Love it! Craig DeRosa

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