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Tube Fly

Steelhead, sea trout, and saltwater anglers are all getting in on the action.  Tube flies are very effective and extremely durable.  Their fan club is growing and there is little doubt that they hook up more fish.

  • Aqua Tube Kit

    Aqua Tube Kit

    Get started tying tube flies. The Aqua Flies tube kit contains all a beginner tube fly tier needs, except for the thread and feathers.  Tube kit contains: Tube Needle 1.8mm Tubes 3mm Tubes 10-Assorted sizes of Cones Ultra Tubing Vinyl...

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  • Aqua Cones

    Aqua Cones

    The Aqua Cones are a great way to add weight to your tube flies, as well as add action to the fly in the water. Available in 7 great colors and 3 different sizes to pair with either size tube. 20 beads per package Color 4.8mm (3/16") 5.5mm...

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  • Aqua Ultra Tubing Aqua Ultra Tubing - Black

    Aqua Ultra Tubing

    Need a hook holder?  The Aqua Ultra Tubing fits the 1.8mm Aqua tubing perfectly.  Simply cut a point on the back of the 1.8mm tube prior to tying your fly.  Cut the Ultra Tube to desired length and attach to the tube. The Ultra Tube will...

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  • HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool

    HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool

    Another easy way to transform any vise into a tube fly vise. Just clamp the adapter into the jaws of the vise and start tying. Ideal for the standard clear tubing.     CA Warning:  WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www...

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  • Junction Tubing

    Junction Tubing

    Colored flexible plastic tubing designed to keep the hook and tube fly together until the fish is hooked using Junction Tubing you insure the hook stays in place while the fly swings, keeling it correctly. Small - 1/8" Large -...

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  • Clear Tubing

    Clear Tubing

    Standard tube for tying tube flies. Small liner tubes will fit into the larger tubes, allowing a tapered tube effect. Small - 3/32" Large - 1/8" Code Size Price #1783 Small $5.95 #2222 Large $6...

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