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  • Loon Bench Boss Loon Bench Boss

    Loon Bench Boss

    A huge step towards streamlining your fly tying station. Gone are the days of tying flies being synonymous with playing hide & seek with your favorite tools, resins, beads and hooks. The Bench Boss offers a sturdy solution to misplaced tying...

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  • Hareline Feed-A-Bead

    Hareline Feed-A-Bead

    Stores, organizes and acts as a steady third hand that helps to feed beads onto hooks with remarkable ease.  Will work on nearly all styles of beads, cones and larger hooks. Organizer comes with sticker tags to help find exactly what you are...

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  • Loon Bench Rings

    Loon Bench Rings

    These stainless steel, rubber-coated, wire rings screw together and are a handy way for tiers to organized zip-lok packaged materials, hooks, beads, or any other material by style/size/type/color using the same bags in their original packaging. 3...

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  • Pro Model Hook Box

    Pro Model Hook Boxes

    The curved compartment bottoms on models and tight-fitting lids, allows easy storage, access, and retrieval of even the smallest hooks, beads and eyes. Code Model Dimensions Price #9518 10 Compartment 10" x 2" $6.95 #9517 20...

    $6.95 - $8.95
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  • Oasis Fly Factory Bench

    Oasis Fly Factory Bench

    Compact, portable, reasonably priced, and well made. This bench organizes all your essential tools. Fits easily on a desk or kitchen table and is portable enough for travel or to put out of sight. Black sectioned tray has assorted sizes to keep all your...

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