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The return of a classic. The new Abel TR stays true to the roots of the original, but with a striking modern design and feel. The partial porting of the frame draws from the Abel lineage, and its unique features are as inventive as anything Abel has ever produced.

Crafted by Abel's expert machinists in Montrose, Colorado, the TR is a lightweight masterpiece. An integrated precision-balanced clicker on the spool eliminates the need for a counterweight, yielding a clean look and retaining an iconic click-pawl sound. The pronounced palming rim is deliberately shaped to manually control drag pressure in all fishing conditions. The TR also features a large-arbor spool engineered to reduce line memory and increase retrieval rate. Machined stainless steel accents on both the frame and spool add that extra level of detail found only in an Abel reel.


  • Only 21 meticulously machined parts ensure a lifetime of dependable use
  • A time honored click-pawl system protects light tippet while preventing overrun
  • Partially-ported frame for the perfect balance of weight, sound, and aesthetics
  • Milled silhouettes of a stonefly, caddis, and mayfly inside the frame
  • Quick-change spool with a threaded release cap and large-arbor design
  • Designed & machined by trout junkies in Colorado
  • Made in the USA

Fish Graphic Abstract Reels are each created individually by the Abel art department. The reels resemble the markings of fish species and captures the essence of our sport. Each reel is anodized individually by hand, using Abel's unique artistic metallurgical process.

Solid color reels, spare spools and custom fish finishes are available. Each is slightly unique and every order is special. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

  • Solid Colors are an additional $100 (Satin Black, Blue III, Satin Blue III, Deep Blue, Satin Deep Blue, Bronze, Satin Bronze, Dark Brown, Satin Dark Brown, Deep Green, Satin Deep Green, Grass Green, Satin Grass Green, Lime Green, Satin Lime Green, Dark Olive, Satin Dark Olive, Olive, Satin Olive, Orange, Satin Orange, Platinum, Satin Platinum, Pink, Satin Pink, Purple, Satin Purple, Red, Satin Red, Slate, Satin Slate, Teal, and Satin Teal)
  • Fade Graphics are an additional $200 (Black/Blue Fade Satin Black/Blue Fade, Black/Green Fade, Satin Black/Green Fade, Black/Platinum Fade, Satin Black/Platinum Fade, Rasta Fade, Northern Lights Fade, Flats Fade, Baja Fade, and Sunset Fade)
  • Tier 1 Graphics are an additional $250 (Atlantic Salmon, Chrome Steelhead, Classic Dorado, Classic Rainbow Trout, Retro Caribbean, Retro Carnival, Retro Fire, Retro Green Black, and Wild Trout)
  • Flag Graphics are anadditional $300 (Bahamas Flag, Chicago Flag, Colorado Flag, Cuba Flag, Texas Flag, USA Flag, and Zia Sun NM Flag)
  • Tier 2 Graphics are an additional $400 (Bonefish, Classic Brook Trout, Classic Brown Trout, Dorado, Native Brook, Native Rainbow, Native Cutthroat, Peacock Bass, Redfish, Tiger Trout, and Yamame)
  • Signature/Legacy Graphics are an additional $700 (DeYoung Brook Flank, DeYoung Brown Flank, DeYoung Carp Flank, DeYoung Cutthroat Flank, DeYoung Montana Brown, DeYoung Rainbow Flank, Larko Brown Trout, Osiris Tribal Grizzly, and Osiris Tribal Raven)
  • Graphic cost is for spool and frame only. Additional options for drag knob can be purchased for an additional charge - Give us a call toll-free at 800-669-3474


Model Lines Weight Black Solid
Tier 1
Tier 2
TR 2/3 2 - 3 4.19 oz $395.00 $495.00 $595.00 $645.00 $695.00 $795.00 $1,095.00
TR 4/5 4 - 5 4.65 oz $395.00  $495.00 $595.00  $645.00 $695.00  $795.00  $1,095.00




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