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Zack's Zackmaster Shad - #6

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This is crack for shad! A few of our guides won't even grab another fly during shad season. The Holographic Tinsel underneath the Hot Gold Stren glows in the water and attracts shad. They can't stay off of it. The fly also has lead wire under the Hot Orange Bead, which provides a dipping action much like you find on the standard shad darts.


HOOK:  TFS 7258, size 6
THREAD FOR HEAD:  Flat Waxed Nylon Thread, fl. fire, coated completely with Head Cement
BEAD HEAD:  Hot Bead, 3/16" hot orange - with .020 Lead Wire underneath (about 5 wraps)
THREAD FOR BODY:  Flat Waxed Nylon, fl. fire
TAIL: Mirage Krystal Flash
UNDERBODY:  Silver Holographic Tinsel, large
OVERBODY:  Stren Monofilament, gold - 14LB, wrapped over the Holographic Tinsel

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2 Reviews

steve g May 28th 2021


Solid shad fly

Bob Zucca Jun 8th 2020

Shad Flies

Awesome Shad dart! Proven winner this season on the Lower Yuba.

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