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Zack Attack - #14

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This is one of the most suggestive Stillwater flies I have ever tied and fished. My main goal while designing this fly was to have as many moving parts as possible, while keeping the overall profile sparse. If you ever look at a real damsel, they are very sparse and move like mad in the water. I typically fish this fly in the top 5 feet of the water column, with either an Intermediate of Floating line. The most effective retrieves are either a 4" Pull n' Pause or a slow hand twist. This pattern has even been tested on several spring creeks and did exceptionally well. I have two color combinations commercially produced; Olive or Olive/Burnt Orange, but know this fly tied on Rust or even Black would be deadly. Even though Damsels are most prevalent on the West Coast in late spring/early summer, this fly has been used to catch fish every month of the year. Its suggestive nature triggers fish strikes, even when you think it would be the wrong time to fish it.

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