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Zack's Zallibaetis

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Far and away the most effective Callibaetis nymph that you will use. The suggestive movement from the after shaft feathers off of a pheasant mimics the gills of a Callibaetis, and provides a profile and movement that you will not find on any other Callibaetis pattern. This fly produces during the strongest Callibaetis hatches, when fish snub away at other imitations. The Zallibaetis has been effective on both stillwaters as well as spring creeks. The best method to fish the Zallibaetis is to use either a floating or intermediate line with a slow hand twist retrieve or 4-6" pull n' pause retrieve.


HOOK:  TFS 3769, sizes 12-16
THREAD:  Ultra Tying Thread, 8/0 rusty dun
TAIL:  Wood Duck
THORAX:  Ice Dub, uv callibaetis - dubbed very sparse
UNDERWING:  Pheasant Rump Feather
BACK:  Wood Duck, pulled over the rump feather
WIRE:  Small Ultra Wire, copper brown - ribbed through the rump feather, going over the wood duck as well
ABDOMEN:  Mercer's Buggy Nymph, callibaetis - mixed with a little callibaetis Ice Dub. Brush the dubbing slightly to give a buggy look to the fly.
WINGCASE:  Wood Duck, coated with Epoxy or Head Cement
LEGS:  Wood Duck


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