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Zack's Slow Water Emerger - #12

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This series was based on the Damseleech and Zallibaetis, but offers a completely different look and imitates the emerging insect stage that we find on stillwaters and spring creeks. Having such huge success with the standard versions of the Damseleech and Zallibaetis I felt I should extend both of them into a fly that can be fished when you find fish taking emergers under the surface. Most of the time the line you are using and the depth you are fishing are more important than fly choice, but there are times when you find fish feeding on emergers and this fly in different color combinations is a deadly choice.
- Zack Thurman

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#423FO Olive $2.50
#423FB Black $2.50
#423FG Gray $2.50
#423FN Orange/Peacock $2.50

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