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Mercer's Missing Link


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Originally designed as a spent caddis pattern, we took "caddis" off the end of the name, as this sparse pattern has proven absolutely deadly at mimicking nearly every insect category, from caddis to mayflies to small stones to terrestrials. This fly works great as a "stand out" in blizzard hatches. Something magic here...


HOOK:  TMC 102Y, sizes 12 - 18
THREAD:  Ultra 70 Tying Thread, color of choice
ABDOMEN:  Ultra 70 Tying Thread, color of choice - ribbed with a strand of Flashabou, pearl - coated with SofTex
THORAX/WING SPLITTER:  Ice Dub Dubbing - color of choice
DOWN WINGS:  Antron Yarn, dark dun
UP WING:  Elk Body Hair, natural
HACKLE:  Dry Fly Hackle, dark dun

Code Color Size Price
#139FG Green Drake 12 $2.25
#139FN Natural Dark 12 - 18 $2.25
#139FO Olive 20 $2.25
#139FR Red 14 - 18 $2.25
#139FA Amber 12 - 18 $2.25

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John Marshall Kirk Jul 14th 2021


great bugs

Dennis Stroud Aug 18th 2020

Mercer’s Missing Link

Great all purpose pattern. Very effective!

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