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Mercer's Missing Link - Honey Ant #14

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A mid-summer event in the Rocky Mountains, the reproductive flights of thousands of these juicy little critters take them over (and into) some world-class trout waters. Experiencing one of these “ant falls” is kind of like fishing a hatch…except better. Fish often lose their selectivity borne of self-preservation when flying ants are on the water – if you have the right pattern and a decent presentation, it is not unusual to hook nearly every fish that rises within casting range.

Fly Recipe:

Hook:  TMC 102Y or TMC 100, #16
Thread:  70 Ultra Thread – Tan
Abdomen:  Buggy Nymph Dubbing – Amber Caddis; Extended, furled loop of dubbing
Thorax:  Buggy Nymph Dubbing – Trigger Nymph
Waist:  70 Ultra Thread – Tan; Same tying thread, between thorax and abdomen, coated with Loon UV Flow
Hackle:  Barred ginger or plain ginger, parachute style
Up Wing:  Cow Elk Hair
Spent Wings:  Z-Lon – Gray; or equivalent

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