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Mercer's Jigsters

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These small, dense patterns are designed to sink very quickly, even in the fastest of flows. Features like tungsten beads and UV-cured bodies make them heavy, and a relative lack of any peripheral features (legs, heavy-dubbed thoraxes, etc.) that would impede the flies’ sink rate turn them into tiny anchors.

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#288FB Baetis #18 $2.95
#288FP PMD #16 $2.95


Hook:  TMC 413J, #16 & #18
Bead:  Slotted Tungsten – Gold; to match hook size
Thread:  Ultra 140 Thread – Orange
Tail:  Z-Lon (Polytron Yarn, McFlylon Poly Yarn, or Antron Yarn) – Brown; sparse
Abdomen:  Ultra 140 Thread – Orange; ribbed with pearl Flashabou and coated with Loon UV Flow
Thorax:  Dubbing – Bright Yellow; preferably with some flash to it.  Ice Dub – UV Hot Yellow will work
Legs:  Same as tail (Polytron Yarn, McFlylon Poly Yarn, or Antron Yarn)


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