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Highly visible, durable, and they float like a cork.  But the advantage of the Instaset Indicators is they are super easy to attach, move without messing up your leader, and you can continue to spool the line up when landing fish.


  • Solid closed cell foam, means they cast better than balloon indicators and are not affected as much by the wind
  • Show the fisherman where their fly is located in the water column
  • Allow the fisherman to accurately estimate the correct length of the leader
  • The fisherman knows when the fly is dead drift, by the direction the tag ends are pointing
Size Diameter Quantity Red Yellow Price
Small 1/2" 4/pkg. #6466 #6469 $7.99
Large 3/4" 4/pkg. #6467 #6470 $7.99
X-Large 1" 2/pkg. #6468 #6468 $7.99

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