The New Zealand Indicator System

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Make the Perfect Presentation with The New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool

Just when you think you have a perfect system, something better comes along. This is the best indicator we've found. Easy to attach and remove, this kit includes an applicator tool, a sampling of white and chartreuse wool, and 12 inches of size small replacement tubing. It's subtle as it lands on the water, sensitive when fish touch the fly, and won't get bogged down with water. It's the best system for sophisticated spring creeks or clear, ultra-selective trout fishing situations.

  • Improves Your Presentation – Catch more fish!
  • Won't Damage your Leader – Significant savings
  • Totally Adjustable – Present your nymph in the "Strike Zone"
  • Knotless – Doesn't weaken the line; Don't lose that trophy
  • Pleasure to Cast – Light and natural; Casts like a dry fly
  • Won't Move – Unless you adjust it on the leader
  • Perfect Sized Indicator – Trim indicator to match exact conditions
  • Strike Indicator Kit - includes, tool, 2 colors of wool, 12˝ clear tubing

1 Review

Don willis May 12th 2020

New Zealand Strike Indicator

Easy to attach and adjust Highly visible detects the lightest of takes. I fish mostly small streams in the Sierra's and the ability to tailor the size of the indicator to the stream and conditions is awesome.

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