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Fish Pimp Foam Indicators

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30% lighter than other foam indicators, with an aerodynamic shape and dimpled surface to reduce a significant amount of wind resistance (golf balls without dimples travel half as far as those with dimples.) Easily rigged with versatile options:  quick change or permanent, and features a perforation that allows a neat, easy, effective 90° drift setup.

  • Float high and are easy to see and cast
  • Aerodynamically shaped on both ends, which reduces wind resistance when casting
  • Easy to apply and remove, and are reusable
  • Each tube package contains 6 Fish Pimp® strike indicators
  • Available in colors of yellow, white, and orange
  • Remember: "Every Nymph Needs A Pimp!"®
Color Mini Original
White #1973 #1883
Orange #1905 #1815
Yellow #1993 #1891

3 Reviews

Kirk Black Jun 24th 2020

Fish Pimp Strike Indicator

Everyone has their own preference with an indicator. Many use large bright colors given easy to see but worked over selective trout do not like to see bright colors in my opinion. The original fish pimp in white/ standard size works best for me. The white looks like just another bubble on the water and has produced strikes for me when nobody else is catching fish. The Fly Shop is one of the only places I could find them in white. No problem with ordering or shipment. I recommend the indicator and this vendor.

Paul Cross Dec 19th 2019

strike indicatios

Sorry folks - everything is frozen here so I have not had a chance to use them - ask me next summer!

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