Screw-Ball Indicators

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These foam ball indicators are secured with a quick turn of the screw. A simple turn of the screw releases tension on the mono and allows the indicator to be repositioned without disturbing the integrity of the leader.

  • 4 per package
  • Sizes:  Small (1/2") or Large (3/4")
    Color Small Large Price
    White #12520 #12521 $4.95
    Fl. Orange #12522 #12523 $4.95
    Chartreuse #12524 #12525 $4.95
    Fl. Pink #12526 #12527 $4.95
    Fl. Green #12528 #12529 $4.95

5 Reviews

Matt Mar 17th 2021

Screw ball Indicators

I didn't read the text carefully enough when ordering this product. I haven't used them but I think the leader may get a curly-que in it where you attach the indicator to the leader. The Fly Shop people told me I can just send them back, no questions asked, for store credit.

Michael s Stevenson Feb 23rd 2021

screw ball foam indicators

Fly shop misrepresented the indicator. It is not foam but plastic. These you can buy at any fishing store and not pay freight.

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