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We work hard every year to make sure the best traditional patterns and the most successful flies on the market are in our catalog.  But we don't stop there...

Our expert staff won't settle for anything but the finest commercially tied flies.  In fact, there are lots of other expert tiers using our commercially tied flies as models at their vise, and thousands of angling fanatics travelling to exotic rivers fill their boxes before their trip with our patterns.  They know cheap flies are cheap for a reason, and are one of the worst investments you can make in fly fishing.  Poorly tied flies just don't last as long or work as well as flies that use quality materials and are well constructed.

Key components include quality hooks.  The best hooks are sharper, more durable, and just cost more.  The choice of hook model, too, is critical to both the fly design and landing fish.

We're named The Fly Shop for a reason.  We've got the best fly fishing staff in the country, right here in "River City".  They're real experts who are dedicated to the sport.  Our team of professionals has developed lots of patterns that are now standards throughout the fly fishing world.  The flies our guys and our professional tiers came up with for our local streams, rivers and spring creeks have been adopted elsewhere simply because they work so well.