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TMC Premium Dual Midge Micro Whip Finisher

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A miniaturization and modification of the utilitarian Martelli-style whip finisher which was designed in the 1970's, has revolutionized, simplified and made the precise, durable, application and finishing of heads easy.  This smaller size is ideal for tiny nymphs, midges, and micro-mayfly patterns.  The ergonomic, friction-free handle also doubles as a half-hitch tool.


1 Review

Tom Jun 4th 2019

Great WhipFinisher

I use this all the time and I prefer it to the normal size one. I tie mostly small flies and the size is perfect for whip finishing under hair stacked on top the hook. It is much easier for me to pull the materials out of the way while finishing the fly. I also really like the half hitch tool in the handle. I have used it on big flies and it works extremely well. It is also well built. Bitter than the cheaper ones, but not really sure about how much it costs. Seems a little high to me and that is the reason for only 4 stars.

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