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TMC Premium Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin

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This precision-made bobbin has it all, including a fully adjustable ceramic tube and a unique magnetic tensioning device with a low startup inertia which puts an end to breaking even the finest thread.  The length of the super-durable, friction-free ceramic thread tube is adjustable for different size and style flies and the versatile bobbin adapts to different width thread spools, helping to make the tying process smooth and effortless.  It's even got a built-in keeper for the tag end of your thread to keep it from falling back through the tube during storage.


1 Review

Leon Cuccia Feb 26th 2021

TMC Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin

Having to adjust for every spool of thread, even by the same brand, is very discouraging. For less money, you can buy an automatic bobbin that re-tracks. (Ekich Automatic Bobbin)

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