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L2A Fly Reels are one of the best values in the world of fly fishing. There isn't a better reel made for a better price. It’s in a class by itself; handsome, extremely durable, with large arbor features, a superbly smooth, reliable drag, and a very modest price tag!

The L2A reel is made for those fish that want to bust you off. It's when the friction-free spin of our L2A spool and the perfectly matched, precision machined L2A frame is going to make a difference. L2A reels are made for actual situations when anglers don't have time to think about reel performance.

The Fly Shop's L2A reels are tailored for those times when you're in cold water up to your suspenders and the fish strikes. Suddenly, terms like 'low start up inertia' mean that the fish is still there. The L2A reel is made for the moments when there's a roostertail spraying off the fly line and you're worried about whether your tippet is good or if your knots will hold.


  • Fully machined from aircraft aluminum
  • Every part is anodized or stainless steel
  • Quick change spools
  • Super sensitive drag
  • Easily changed to left or right hand retrieve
  • Bronze anodized finish
  • Reel shield (case) can be purchased separately
Code Model Lines Capacity Price
#6578 L2a 4/5 4 - 5 WF5 + 85 yds $55.00
#6579 L2a 5/6 5 - 6 WF6 + 125 yds $60.00
#6580 L2a 7/8 7 - 8 WF8 + 175 yds $65.00

5 Reviews

Don Stieler May 31st 2021

L2A Spool

Great product at a very reasonable price point. I now have 3 reels and spools and they are all great. They also are able to balance the longer euro and trout Spey rods which most super light reels today can’t do.

Daniel May 24th 2021

Extra spool

I purchased the Fly Shop reel a few years ago. The reel and the extra spools are well crafted and a reasonable price. Great for experienced fly fishers or beginners, I give many as gifts.

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