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Lifelike, Irresistible, and Durable!

These new glass eyes from The Fly Shop® are practically indestructible.  When attached to a hook, they will be the last material that comes off your favorite fly.  These lifelike, translucent glass eyes were developed for taxidermy and will add a new dimension of realism to any streamer pattern.  They're permanently molded to a durable, small diameter wire that can be cut and bent to a 90-degree angle, then tied to the shank of the hook.  Gone are the days of having to retire an otherwise perfect fly just because the stick-on eyes fell off.

  • 10 pair of eyes per package
Color Pupil 5mm 7mm 9mm Price
Amber Black #27151 #27152 #27153 $5.99
Light Amber Black #27145 #27146 #27147 $5.99
Clear Black #27148 #27149 #27150 $5.99

4 Reviews

Doc Mar 23rd 2021

Taxi eyes

Well, if you’re like me I have a hard time keeping eyes on my streamers secure. They fall off so readily sometimes I feel like I should toss the eyes in the waste basket at my fly tying bench as they are going to fall off on the first couple of casts anyway. Yes, I admit, it’s likely due to poor tying technique but, the Taxi Eyes are just the thing for me. They are secured to a wire that is then cut to size and tied into the shaft of the hook. It’s a brilliant and permanent way to have this very important part of your fly absolutely bonded and will not come off. I learned that the right angle bend that one makes in the wire has to be right behind where the eye is attached to the wire or the eyes stick out too far from the body of the fly. As I am not a production tier the fact that for $6 you get 10 sets of eyes is for me not particularly expensive. Save for the fact that I am having so much fun with them that I am well into the entire first order and I am planning a second order of them. This is going to be my staple product for streamer eyes from now on. Good fishing to all of you, stay safe out on the water - Doc

Kelly Knievel Mar 15th 2021

Taxi eyes

Great idea but they are difficult to bend the wire and attach to the hook properly. They should sell them like barbell eyes, but instead of an all brass or tungsten mold make the connection wire.

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