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The simple, practical, and effective solution to adding eyes to many patterns while simultaneously improving the sink rate. They’re excellent for bonefish or shad patterns and simulate the bug-eye effect of many small fry and other little baitfish. It’s important to remember that applying chain bead, Barbell, Dazl-Eyes, Real Eyes, and I-Balz will make your fly ride hook up (and weed/rock-free).

  • 18 inches of strung chain in each package
  • Sizes:  X-Small (5/64"), Small (3/32"), Medium (1/8"), Large (5/32"), & X-Large (3/16")
Code Color Sizes Price
#FT25M Black X-Small - X-Large $3.25
#FT27M Gold X-Small - X-Large $3.25
#FT28M Silver X-Small - X-Large $3.25

1 Review

Richard Marley Nov 9th 2018

Beaded chain

Small medium and large aren't adequate descriptors for beaded chain. Suggest a scaling picture with all 3 laid out under a dime. I guessed wrong and ordered medium...should have been large. Happy with the quality of the items I've purchased from you and the prompt shipping

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