Spool Mate

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This handy thread bra is the ideal way to help keep your wires, tinsels, and threads from unraveling and neat. The tabbed band tightly fits any size spool. Most serious tiers find that the half dozen pack isn’t enough.

  • 6 per pack
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2 Reviews

Jim Selgrath Feb 23rd 2021

Spool mate

I was making my list for the craft store. My issue was my tinsel was coming unwrapped from the spool, getting kinked and just everywhere. So I looked it up and found a DIY spool tender. Before I left I checked in to buy more hooks and found these. I cannot believe I never saw them before. I bought 8, and will be buying more

KEVIN M HERCULES Jan 30th 2017

Great Product

If your working with wire for ribbing your flies this is one gadget you'll want. I don't like cutting off a length to tie a fly or a few flies because there always seems to be some waste. It use to be hard to control working off the spool,but not any more using these spool mates. It also help me by using what I need without waste.

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