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These flies have become a modern symbol of steelhead fanaticism.  The one supposed drawback, the curvature of the material, makes the flies look unkempt and gaudy.  A fly with a bad hair day.  Once the flies are in the water, the material moves like crazy, it is so good, we couldn't believe it.  They cast like a fly half the size.  Fishing the fly extensively revealed they don't tangle or foul, they swim beautifully.  A fly with a large silhouette that cast well and swims with the most motion we've seen in any large fly.  Once again Brian Silvey takes an idea and follows it to it's stellar conclusion.  There's no real contest.  Not at all.  Just cast it, and hold on.

  • Black/Blue - 2"
  • Black/Green Butt - 2"
  • Pink/White - 2.75"
  • Purple/Pink - 2.75"
  • Red - 2.75"
Code Color - Length
#352FB Black/Blue - 2.75" $4.95
#352FG Black/Green Butt - 2" $4.95
#352FS Pink/White - 2.75" $4.95
#352FP Purple/Pink - 2" $4.95
#352FR Red - 2.75" $4.95
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