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Silvey's Edible Caddis Emerger - #14

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The Edible Emerger was created with a body that is slim and tapered at the end similar to the naturals. The deer hair head is there to keep the pattern fishing on the surface or just under the surface. It has the added effect of creating a bubble trail when swung on a tight line.


HOOK:  Daiichi 1150, size 14
THREAD:  Ultra 70 Tying Thread, color of choice
BODY:  Antron Yarn, ends melted together and tapered
UNDERBODY:  Pearl Mylar Tinsel, medium
LEGS:  Hen Back, Grouse or Partridge
WING:  Elk Body Hair, fine

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#409FO Olive #14 $2.95
#409FT Tan #14 $2.95

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