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RK's Flatulator

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This fly is intended to get to the bottom quickly in fast moving water. Also works great and the end of the drift as it will slowly rise up to the surface.


HOOK:  TFS 3769, sizes 12-18
THREAD:  Ultra Tying Thread, 8/0 dark olive
ABDOMEN:  Turkey Biot Quills, color to match fly
THORAX:  Antron Dubbing, medium olive and rust
RIBBING:  X-Small Ultra Wire, copper
HEAD:  Tungsten Bead, copper - size to match hook
WINGCASE:  Mill Hill Petitie Glass Bead
LEGS:  Hungarian Partridge, olive dyed
TAIL:  Hungarian Partridge, olive dyed


  1. Start by installing the tungsten bead on your hook; Build small thread bump at rear of hook; Tie in three tail fibers two thirds in length of hook shank (fibers should be equal in length and in spread position)
  2. Tie in wire at rear of hook; Tie in four turkey quill tips first; Neatly wrap fibers forward (natural side should be facing out); Secure fibers with thread; Rib abdomen with wire (seven wraps forward)
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