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RK BH Big Bird - Natural #6

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HOOK:  TFS 3769, size 6
BEAD:  Tungsten Bead, gold - 7/32"
THREAD:  Ultra Tying Thread, 6/0 brown
RIB:  Brassie Ultra Wire, copper and Krystal Flash, peacock
ABDOMEN:  Buggy Nymph Dubbing, light hares ear
THORAX:  Buggy Nymph Dubbing, light hares ear
WINGCASE:  Medium Tyers Glass Bead, crystal irridescent
LEGS:  Gadwall
TAIL:  Gadwall
COLLAR:  Lead Wire, .035 diameter

Tying Instructions:

  1. Start by installing the gold bead on your hook; Make 4-5 wraps with lead wire on hook shank; Push lead coils towards hook eye into gold bead; Cut and remove remaining lead; Remember to keep excess bulk to a minimum; Glass bead must be as close to hook shank as possible.
  2. Build small thread bump at rear of hook; Tie in a nice portion of Gadwall; Tie in ultra wire at rear of hook; Tie in 4 strands of tan midge flash
  3. Dub from rear of hook using Buggy Nymph Dubbing, creating a gradual increase in taper towards hook eye (remembering to leave space on hook shank directly behind gold bead head; Glass bead must be as close to or resting against top of hook shank and as near to gold bead head
  4. Ribbing - take the 4 strands of midge flash & gently twist them together in a clockwise direction; Gently wrap midge flash forward on hook shank making five to six clockwise rotations (caution do not over stretch midge flash or it will chnage color); Take Ultra Wire and wrap firmly in a counterclockwise direction toward hook eye (6 rotation, tie off wire, remove wire tag end)
  5. Tyers Glass Bead - Take a length of Superfloss and divide in half; Install floss through hole in glass bead; Secure floss ends on top of hook shank behind bead head; Make seven to ten firm wraps with thread; Firmly pull forward on floss tag ends allowing glass bead to position foward and helping to align properly; Make several more securing wraps with thread stretch floss forward cut floss tag ends
  6. Dub generously behind glass bead continue dubbing forward; Add gadwall legs; Continue dubbing forward build a nice collar of dubbing material; Use dubbing brush creating a nice BH Birds Nest; Whip finish
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