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RK Sin City - Black

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HOOK:  TFS 3769, sizes 12-16
BEAD:  Nymph Head Anodized Bead, blood red (2mm-2.8mm)
THREAD:  Ultra Tying Thread, 8/0 red
ABDOMEN:  Small Ultra Wire, red
THORAX:  Peacock Eyes, natural
WINGCASE:  Midge or Small Tyers Glass Bead, crystal irridescent
LEGS:  Midge Flash, pink & pearl
TAIL:  Bronze Mallard

Tying Instructions:

  1. Start by installing the tungsten bead on your hook; Tie in wire at position of hook that is slightly curved; Make 2 or 3 tight clockwise wraps with wire; Make small thread bump; Tie in 3 tail fibers two thirds in length of hook shank; Fibers should be equal in length and in spread position
  2. Continue with wire wrapping tightly in clockwise directions topping at point on hook shank (leaving room for petite glass bead to sit on top of hook hank between tungsten bead and wire wraps).
  3. Glass Bead Installation - Take a length of white Superfloss and divide it in half; Install floss through hole in glass bead; Secure floss ends on top of hook shank behind bead head (making 7-10 firm wraps with thread, firmly pulling forward on floss tag ends allowing glass bead to position forward and helping to align properly; Make several more securing wraps with thread stretch floss.
  4. Select one natural peacock eye fiber (pay close attention when choosing correct size); A #16 Sin City should be tied with a natural peacock fiber that is closer to the eye; A #12 Sin City should be tied with a larger natural peacock eye fiber; Tie in natural peacock eye fibr behind glass bead; Make 2 or 3 wraps with peacock behind glass bead; Wrap forward making 3 wraps in front of glass bead; Tie down at this point with thread but do not cut peacock tags yet.
  5. Tie in 2 sections of midge flash (one on each side); When tied in each sectionw ill create two legs per side; Cut to length; Trailing legs should be shorter than the front legs or approximately 2/3rd's the length of the hook shank; Take remaing peacock and make two more wraps behind bead head and whip finish.
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