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Powell's Ant RP - #14

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DRY HOOK:  TMC 2487, size 14
WET HOOK:  TFS 2457, size 14
THREAD:  Ultra 70 Tying Thread, black
ABDOMEN:  Flat Waxed Nylon Thread, black - built up and lacquered
MIDSECTION:  Holographic Tinsel, red
WINGS:  Hen Neck, grizzly - tips
THORAX:  Flat Waxed Nylon Thread, black - built up and lacquered
HACKLE:  Dry Fly Hackle, black - wrapped around mono or superfloss and then folded over

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2 Reviews

Dan Jun 10th 2020

Real looking

Looks real . I would buy again.

Timothy j Christenson Jun 8th 2019

Perfect for Manzanita lake in early June

Walked the perimeter of Manzanita Lake, Lassen on June 4th and 5th and caught 15 fairly large Bows and Browns on this fly. Nothing else worked. Some l caught not more than a foot from the shore by dangling the fly behind a tree. In less than 2 minutes watched several fish fight for it. Watch a 17" Brown nonchalantly rise to this fly. I had four of them and just rotated them to let them dry out. I had seven different varieties of ants and none worked except this one.

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