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Whiting Farms Hen Necks

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Whiting Farms hackles are the most prized feathers on any fly tiers bench, and the best value at any price! The Whiting saddles are twice the length and twice the quality of the best cape that you'll find produced by other growers. They'll not only tie better flies, but Whiting feathers tie twice as many flies from the same size skin. Though the initial expense is more, you end up with lots more. New this year for The Fly Shop are the Whiting 100 Packs, designed to be able to tie up to 100 flies with sized, high quality saddle hackle.

Hen Necks are ideal for mayfly wings, nymphs, and wet fly collars.

Code Color Code Color
#4153... White #4154... Grizzly
#4179... Brown #4192... Medium (Light) Ginger
#4199... Medium Dun #4209... Dark Dun
#4213... Olive Grizzly #4215... Brown Grizzly

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