Parachute Adams

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The Parachute Adams is perhaps the most important and versatile of all dry flies. It is a must have in a variety of sizes for fish all over the world. The white post gives the fly fisherman a focal point in all types of water. The pattern can be used as a mayfly or as an attractor fly. All fly fishermen should keep several sizes on the top row of their fly box.


HOOK:  TFS 100, sizes 12-26
THREAD:  Ultra 140 Tying Thread, black
TAIL:  Dry Fly Hackle, grizzly & brown mixed
BODY:  Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing, adams grey or Natural Muskrat
POST:  Calf Body Hair, white
HACKLE:  Dry Fly Hackle, grizzly & brown mixed


2 Reviews

Roger Ayotte Oct 24th 2019

Fly Purchase

I purchased a number of flies for an upcoming trip to Patagonia. Although I have yet to use the flies, the quality appears to be excellent.

Benjamin Green Aug 29th 2019

Parachute Adams

Floats high; absorbs floatant for longer floating life; very visible even on bright days. Definitely an "attractor" pattern; I was getting hits all day.....

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