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Mercer's Foam Body Parachute Adams

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This variation of the classic Parachute Adams features a forked tail, flashy rib and a hi-vis post. The most amazing change to the pattern is foam, wrapped at the thorax of the fly for extra flotation. This is a great fly especially as an attractor on small streams.


HOOK:  TFS 100, sizes 10-20
THREAD:  Ultra 70 Tying Thread, gray
TAIL:  Hackle, grizzly
RIB:  Flashabou, pearl
ABDOMEN:  Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing, adams gray
THORAX:  Foam, gray - a thin strip
WING POST:  Calf Tail, white
PARACHUTE:  Saddle Hackle, grizzly and brown
HACKLE:  Mixed


2 Reviews

Bill Nov 15th 2019

5 STARS !!!

These flies, designed with a small amount of foam at athe thorax, float all day. I'm 62 and the old eyes aren't what they once were, but I can pick these up on the water quite easily. Thanks.

Kent Richeson Apr 18th 2019

Great Fly !

I have been buying this fly for years for my blue line backcountry brookie trips ! Floats all day and the wild brookies can't resist it ! It is imperative in pocket water that the fly floats from the second it hits the water and this fly does it perfectly ! Great fly and great service from the Fly Shop ! Tight lines to all, Kent in NH

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