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Mercer's CB Micro Mayfly

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This is the ultimate midget nymph and a perfect dropper fly. Trail one of these little guys six inches to a foot behind your favorite nymph and you'll improve the results dramatically. Most of the time the fish you hook will have a CB Micro May in it's mouth.


HOOK:  TMC 3769; TFS 921 or TFS 3769, sizes 14-18
THREAD:  Ultra Tying Thread, 8/0 color to match fly
TAIL:  Three ringneck pheasant tail fibers (dyed yellow for olive fly, natural copper for brown version)
RIB:  Brassie Ultra Wire, silver
ABDOMEN:  Stripped peacock herl
WINGCASE (STRIP):  Flash-A-Bou, pearl (one strand)
WINGCASE:  Dark golden-brown turkey tail
THORAX:  Mercer's Buggy Nymph Dubbing, micro may color or to preference
LEGS:  Same as tail
COLLAR:  Same as thorax
BEAD:  Bead Head, copper - size to fit hook
EPOXY:  5-Minute Epoxy or equivalent

Code Color Sizes Price
#100FO Olive 14 - 18 $2.25
#100FL Black 14 - 18 $2.25
#100FB Brown 14 - 18 $2.25
#100FR Ruby Red 14 - 18 $2.25
#100FY Yellow 14 - 18 $2.25

2 Reviews

Tom Dec 14th 2018

Mercers CB Micro Mayfly

I hate to show this rating, others might get this fly and use it. The Micro Mayfly works very well in Wyoming. I have used it around the state and it works everywhere. A really good pattern for trout in creeks.

Charles Hughes Jul 28th 2017

Mike Mercer's work is perfect

All of Mike's work has been perfect - for the +/-30 yers I have been buying them.

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