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McVay Gotcha

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Jim McVay, Jr. found the (Craft Fur) material for the wing of the single most successful Andros Island fly in the rear window of a Nassau taxi cab. His trusty Swiss Army knife in hand, he had inadvertently stumbled on a great bonefish fly. Credit him and Rupert Leadon for naming and popularizing the pattern.

The Gotcha is among the most popular bonefish fly ever designed, and has accounted for thousands of bonefish for anglers worldwide. This simple and effective pattern belongs in the box of every bonefish angler, and tying the Gotcha in a variety of sizes, weights, and colors will help anglers match local fishing conditions.


HOOK:  TMC 811S, sizes 2-8
THREAD:  Ultra 140 Tying Thread, tan or pink
TAIL:  Pearl Mylar Tubing, medium
BODY:  Flat Braid, pearl
WING:  Craft Fur, sand
FLASH:  Krystal Flash, gray ghost
EYES:  Bead Chain, silver - small

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