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Both HoldZit® Mini Tool Savers (3" and 4" models) fit easily into a vest pocket or fanny pack. Cleans, lubricates, and protects hook files from rusting. Non rusting solid brass eyelet and bead chain. Manufactured from textured black industrial vinyl. The Mini Tool Saver was introduced when fishermen asked for a compact sheath that would not be as bulky as the Tool Saver Jr.

The HoldZit Tool Saver Jr. (6" model) lubricating holster cleans, lubricates, and protects tools from rusting in fresh or saltwater environments. Use the holster's end tabs for mounting in boat, shop or on a tackle box, keeping your tools in the same convenient place. Interior sleeves surrounds the tools, keeping a light film of lubricant on tools at all times. Exterior holster is waterproof and practically indestructible, will last for years, paying for itself many times over. Holds many different tools including small needle nose pliers, 3" and 4" hook files, and assorted small hand tools. You will wear your hook file out -- not have it rust away!

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