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Ketchum Release

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The top catch-and-release tool made!  Available in three sizes and proven effective in both fresh and salt water.  Slide it down the leader and twist.

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2 Reviews

Royal Jun 14th 2021

Great Product

I will not fish without it!

Doug Kelsey May 5th 2021

Ketchum Release

The Ketchum Release tool is a quick and easy way the remove fly hooks from fishes mouths, even the small and smaller type flies. It comes in three sizes for most applications. It’s line slot allows direct tool slide to fly positioning as you hold the fish in one hand, then you just turn the tool in the other hand to back out the hook barb from the fish flesh in or out of the water. I have even used this tool successfully with out touching the fish at all. I would recommend this to all level of fly fishing people. A retractable lanyard is my best mounting technique for the tool for ease of access and loss. Easy on you and your catch. Tight lines..

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