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Gehrke's Xink Wet Fly Dressing

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Gehrke’s Xink® is now 27 years old. It may well be the most revolutionary invention in Fly-Fishing since the discovery of "the hook." This product will eliminate the majority of the lead used in nymphs and wet fly patterns throughout the world if only everyone started using it. Gehrke’s Xink® is the only patented Fly Sink in the world. It is amazing because it is wetter than water without washing off, which was, until invented by George Gehrke, a chemical impossibility.

Gehrke’s Xink® is simple to use. Before one gets their streamer or wet fly "wet", simply dress it with a very little amount Gehrke’s Xink®. That wet fly is then condemned to sink forever.

Gehrke’s Xink® will also sink tippets and leaders, except the super hard/slick brands. Xink® works great with Maxima hand-tied leaders and tippets including other brands. It also is marvelous in increasing the sinking rates of sinking tip and full length sinking fly lines.

  • 1/2 fluid ounce

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