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GB Black A.P. (Andre Puyans)

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A favorite on the Pit River tied in the Polly Rosborough fashion that imitates lots of different stone and mayflies at various stages of development. Many western anglers consider it indispensable.


HOOK:  TFS 3761, sizes 10-16
BEAD:  Bead Head, gold - size to match hook
THREAD:  Ultra Tying Thread, 8/0 black
BODY WEIGHT:  Lead-Free Wire, 6-10 wraps of .020
TAIL:  Moose Body Hair
RIB:  Ultra Wire, copper - size to match
ABDOMEN:  Hare Line Dubbing, black
WINGCASE:  Moose Body Hair
THORAX:  Hare Line Dubbing, black
LEGS:  Moose Body Hair, blunt ends of the wingcase
HEAD:  Hare Line Dubbing, black


1 Review

Mike Aug 13th 2020

My Favorite Fly

This is my favorite fly. I've used it on the Pit, McCloud, Clarks Fork and San Joaquin, and it's the best I got.

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