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Dave's Flexament Cement & Thinner

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Our most versatile cement. Put on several coats for an epoxy-like finish or use thinner to water it down to dry fly consistency. Flexible, very durable one-coat cement for under-bodies, hopper wings and reinforcing fragile quills.

  • 1 ounce bottles
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1 Review

J J Mar 7th 2021


I have been using Fleximent for around twenty years and have found it to be exactly as advertised, It’s also good for coating splices. I have to stress that if you use it directly from the bottle you will need between one and two bottles of thinner for each one of cement to keep it usable. Several years ago I bought a Dyna King Cement Reservoir(back when it was about two-thirds of the current price) and found that this reversed the ratio, ie. I now used less than one bottle of thinner for two of cement. It is something to consider if you’re really into fly tying for the long run or minimizing aggravation.

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