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Loon Hard Head Cement - Clear

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Our favorite way to finish off a fly. This is a water-based polyurethane lacquer that leaves a durable, hard, high-gloss finish.

Never mix epoxy again! Hard Head is an odorless, non-toxic, thick head cement perfect for building glossy heads and bodies. Dries hard and glossy.


  • Thick head cement
  • Dries hard and with a high gloss
  • Odor free
  • Water based
  • Comes with applicator brush
  • Excellent for building up heads and bodies
  • Perfect for painting poppers
  • 1 ounce bottle

Directions for use:
Remove cap. Use supplied applicator brush to apply Hard Head to flies. Replace cap to prevent Hard Head from drying.

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2 Reviews

Barry Lindgren Mar 16th 2021


A step up from the adhesives of yore. These products are an attempt to mitigate a fly fisher's impact on the environment.

Joe Blue Feb 4th 2021

Loon Head cement and squeeze applicator

Both products are effective as they were designed to cement the head of a newly tied (or even old) fly and apply the product. When I went to tie up a few flies yesterday, my old head cement (two to three years old) and applicators (two of them) both were unusable due to hardening. The head cement will harden in both the bottle and the applicator, especially, so I only put a few drops in the squeeze applicator at a time, then squeeze out that amount for each fly I plan to tie, emptying the applicator so only air comes out when I’m done. I hope this will keep me in good shape for a year, or at least until I next have time to set up all the gear to tie up some flies.

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