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Zack's Stillwater Swimming Leech - #8

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Like my other patterns I try to get as much movement as possible, from as many different parts of the fly as possible. Incorporating a long sparse marabou tail and both the short and long Translucent Swimming Hackle for the body, there is not a part that will not move. Most leech and bugger style flies sold on the market look great, but when put under water lack the suggestive movement that you need from a fly. With the slightest movement the Swimming Leech comes alive and is one of the most realistic flies I have ever fished. The BIG key is that you need to fray out the material with a piece of Velcro which breaks apart all of the fibers, in turn creating more movement in the water.
- Zack Thurman

"I tested over a dozen main stream leech patterns.  Zack’s swimming leech out produced all of the other patterns by at least a five to one ratio.  I have since used it on numerous public waters and it has displayed an equally impressive rate of production." - Bob Reece (Thin Air Angler) - Read full article at

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Hook: TMC 5263 #6-12

Thread: Black 6/0 Thread

Wire: 5-10 Wraps of .020 lead wire towards the eye of the hook

Tail: Marabou Plumes (Black, Sculpin Olive, Dark Brown, Burnt Orange, Burgundy) length should be about ¾” longer than the hook shank

Body: Jay Fair’s Translucent Swimming Hackle in both Medium and Large.  The long is a different color than the short.

*Body Instructions: Tie the short Swimming Hackle first and leave hanging out the back over the tail, and then do the same for the long.  Wrap the short forward up to the eye of the hook, covering the entire shook shank, tie it off.  Next palmer the long forward making about four wraps, much like you would for a Bugger and tie it off.  Whip finish your thread.  After that cut the long just a tad longer than the short, you will need to hold the long in one hand and rotate the vice to make sure you get all of the fibers.  Once you cut the long take a piece of Velcro and fray out all of the fibers both short and long.  This will break apart all of the fibers and what makes this material breath like no other in the water.  There maybe a few long strands after fraying and go back in and cut with your scissors, it will not affect the material.

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2 Reviews

Chris Horwath Jan 9th 2020

Zack's swimming leech

Awesome trout fly. We call it the "money maker." Thank you Zack

Ronald N Gaston Jul 6th 2019

Swimming leech

Love this fly. Trolls very well at super slow speeds. Great fly

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