Wonder Cloth

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Wet the Wonder Cloth and start rubbing some dirty old cork grip on a $660 fly rod and it'll look like new in minutes! The harder you scrub, the more dirt you'll remove. The results are immediate and the rod is like new again. $3.95 to re-finish the grip of an expensive rod! Our demo rods look like new, and we no longer have to shrink wrap the handles of our display rods to keep them clean.

Then we started using the cloths on beat up fly lines, and fly reels, and everything else around us. Computer monitors come clean without damage to their surface. The Wonder Cloth has a positive ionic charge and attaches itself to dirt (dirt has a negative charge). The cloth is extremely absorbent and can be used to clean anything.

  • Re-Usable
  • Washable
  • 13" X 13"

4 Reviews

Matt Mar 17th 2021

Wonder cloth

I've always liked keeping the cork on my fly rods clean. This little cloth makes it much easier to remove the dirty stains that get on the cork after a few days of intense casting. I was impressed. Fair price too.

Radu Sandulescu Apr 7th 2019

Wonder Cloth

i cleaned a GLoomis used rod cork handle that was dirty, now looking like new. I reccomennd this product to any one that likes the tools to look nice and clean.

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