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Waddington Shanks

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The Waddington shank is a hook design made by late British angler Mr. Richard Waddington in the 1950's – The Waddington Shank is a lure-system made of parallel wires with a hook hinged at the rear. Mr. Waddington designed this system to give anglers an opportunity to make large flies. The perfect solution for patterns that require stinger hooks such as Intruders leeches and even articulated patterns for salmon/steelhead.

  • Stainless, Heavy Wire, Double Shank, Up-Turn Leading Eye
  • 25 shanks per package
  • Sizes:  15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm & 55mm
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#18358 15mm 25 pack $10.30
#18357 25mm 25 pack $10.30
#18356 35mm 25 pack $10.30
#18355 45mm 25 pack $10.30
#18354 55mm 25 pack $10.30
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1 Review

AllanFarley Jun 5th 2020

Waddington shafts

Really well made. Good weight and length. My only complaint is where the two ends meet. The metal there is really sharp and will easily cut your tying thread. That can be very frustrating.

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