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Tiemco TMC 2488 Hooks

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Great hook for tying Caddis, Mayfly, or Midge Emergers. The lighter wire allows the fly to sit in the surface film longer than a standard 2x heavy scud hook. With the ring eye you have a larger hook gap giving a better opportunity for hooking fish. Some of the more common flies that are tied on this hook are:
*  Spotlight Emergers
*  P.M.D. Challenger
*  The Quigley Cripple

  • 2X short, 3X wide, ring eye, fine wire
  • Available in 25 packs
  • Sizes:  10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 & 26
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TMC2488 10 - 26 25 pack $8.70
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1 Review

Steve Moss Jan 8th 2016

24 inches on a #24

Impressive. The 2488 is a tough one to top when it comes to bringing big, aggressive trout to hand. I've yet to experience any sort of hook failure. The torque angle delivers a firm set and leaves the rest to the fisherman and his knots.

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