The Stonfo Transformer Vise

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There isn't very much this new vise doesn’t have to help to improve the quality of your flies and make the fly tying experience faster and more pleasurable!  The Stonfo Transformer Vise comes loaded with features (3 sets of jaws for every conceivable fly tying situation) and an array of optional accessories.

High quality in-line 360° rotary action
The adjustable rotary tension feature not only speeds up the tying process but, when used properly, will help insure that ribbing of materials and palmering of hackle is spaced evenly and precisely on both dry flies and streamers.

The stainless steel shaft on the Transformer Vise rotates on several precision ball bearings, and the shank of the hook will rotate on its axis thanks to the adjustable shaft.

The Transformer Vise features a very high collar on the vise stem which allows it to be adjusted much higher than many other models. The angle of both the jaws can be adjusted to compensate for any length or shape of hook.

A truly revolutionary vise?

Not Really. The new Stonfo Transformer vise incorporates a lot of features that are already found in other vises on the market. True, it’s super easy to change from one style of jaws to the other, and quality of the product is absolutely superb. But the smooth rotary feature is available on several other fine vises, along with several other features found elsewhere.

What separates the Stonfo Transformer from the rest of the pack is the fact that this vise package has every necessary feature any serious fly tier would ever want or need.

The box the Stonfo comes in has it all. And while there may be other vises that are made as well, none are made any better!

Revolutionary? No. But maybe the best.

The Stonfo Transformer is beautifully machined, loaded with features and designed with durability as part of the package. This innovative vise should provide a lifetime of enjoyment for sophisticated fly tiers!

Who Are These Guys? Stonfo is the fly tying division of a highly respected fishing tackle company based in Florence, Italy. Their tying products are incredibly popular in European fly tying circles.

The company produces nothing but top quality fly tying tools and is responsible for some innovative new fly fishing and fly tying products that are only now being introduced in the United States.

Ultra-functional pedestal base
The padded, solid pedestal base provides stability when the vise is in use. The integrated tool rack offers a place for storing the extra jaws and a convenient spot for bobbins and other tools and storage slots for hooks and beads.

Three useful jaws
The Transformer has a fast coupling device on the head and attachments which convert it to an in-line vise, tube-fly vise or streamer vise. Three vises in one with just a simple click.

  • All three sets of jaws included
  • Reversible for left hand tying
  • Rounded bobbin cradle
  • Parachute plier
  • Adjustable material clip
  • Pivot thread cradle
  • Allen keys
  • Instruction manual
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