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The 7423 stands for "Shad" and is used for shad flies more that anything else. The tin hook is a heavier hook and can also be used for steelhead, salmon, or bass flies. We have landed thousands of Shad on this hook in the Sacramento Valley and it has held up great! Some of the more common flies that are tied on this hook are:
*  The Green Death
*  TFS Shad Fly
*  Karluk Flash Fly

  • 3X strong, tin, slightly down turned eye
  • Available in 25 or 100 packs
  • Sizes:  2, 4, 6 & 8
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TFS7423 2 - 8 25 pack $3.00
TFS7423C 2 - 8 100 pack $11.00
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1 Review

Jim Scott Jun 8th 2020

Hooks ordered

This is the difficulty in ordering from a picture. They are too short for Shad—not enough robot build a body. In person I would not have purchased the ones I received.

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