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Tak's Mini Minnow - #8

Umpqua Feather Merchants
Code Color Price
#17FO Olive/White $2.95
#17FR Rainbow $2.95
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Code Color Price
#17FO Olive/White $2.95
#17FR Rainbow $2.95

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Possibly I got the last 2 of an order of 100. Don't know. Not much in the way of material. Sparse is not even in the ballpark. Tried anyway. Not effective as in no fish. Switched to a size 8 simi-seal. Did very very well. Fish were there. Just not for that fly.
Posted by Michael Styvaert on Jul 9th 2020

Superb tie with durable materials. Whether chasing schooling/suspended bass or slab crappie, this fly is a must for your box. Excellent action that fish can’t seem to resist.
Posted by Andrew on Feb 10th 2020

The water here is still somewhat muddied up. Used the fly under a foam strike indicator. The Spring Crappie would not leave it alone. I'll certainly be purchasing more.
Posted by Scott on Mar 4th 2018

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