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Tak's Mini Minnow - #8

Umpqua Feather Merchants
Code Color Price
#17FO Olive/White $2.95
#17FR Rainbow $2.95
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Code Color Price
#17FO Olive/White $2.95
#17FR Rainbow $2.95

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This style, in this size, in rainbow - in my opinion is the most productive fly for smaller bass / large panfish - especially for crystal clear rivers. I recommend having several in your box.
Posted by A on Apr 20th 2021

Possibly I got the last 2 of an order of 100. Don't know. Not much in the way of material. Sparse is not even in the ballpark. Tried anyway. Not effective as in no fish. Switched to a size 8 simi-seal. Did very very well. Fish were there. Just not for that fly.
Posted by Michael Styvaert on Jul 9th 2020

Superb tie with durable materials. Whether chasing schooling/suspended bass or slab crappie, this fly is a must for your box. Excellent action that fish can’t seem to resist.
Posted by Andrew on Feb 10th 2020

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