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Stimulator - Yellow

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Randall Kaufmann introduced the Orange Stimulator pattern in 1982 to imitate Salmonflies. The Stimulator also makes a good hopper pattern.

Kaufmann finds that the pattern is often overdressed by other tiers. He recommends a hairwing and tail that is sparse, yet flared, to achieve the appearance of bulk. This will help stabilize the fly on the water surface.


HOOK:  TFS 200R, size 6-10
THREAD:  Ultra 140 Tying Thread, yellow
HEAD:  Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing, yellow - Dry Fly Hackle, grizzly
BODY:  Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing, yellow - with palmered Dry Fly Hackle, brown
RIB:  Brassie Ultra Fly Tying Wire, gold
WING:  Elk Body Hair
TAIL:  Elk Body Hair



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